Alex James & the Sound

background of alex james

Artist Alex James (Alexander James Brierley) is an experienced songwriter and producer with a big musical background starting from a young age playing piano, guitar, bass guitar, viola, drums and vocals. Since 2012, Alex has been the frontman of several rock bands that unfortunately split leaving Alex to continue as a solo act and has now united a new committed band to play his music coined 'Alex James and The Sound'. 

Since 2015 Alex James has been expanding as an artist releasing his first singles:

- 'Place of Nowhere' - a song in support of UNICEF.

- 'Opening Doors' - first music video release.

- 'Home Sweet Home' - a song in support of the hero Rob Lawrie and a little girl       called Bru from a migrant camp. Rob battled the law in court after attempting to     take Bru though the French/British border. This song outlines this heart                   wrenching story.‚Äč

His very first upcoming album called 'What Are We?' is due to be released this year alongside a new music video release for an unreleased single; 'Wait On the Floor'.